Etiquette for Outlaws

You can always email or text me. I will try to keep my travel plans updated here for you as well. But if we decide to meet there are a few rules to follow for your safety as well as mine.

  1. Please try to be on time. If you cancel on me more than once, it will be the last time. Digital or in person. Time is valuable.
  2. If I say no, I mean it. Yep, if I don’t wanna do it, then there is no dollar amount in this world that will get me to go. No means no guys. Seriously.
  3. Don’t make me ask. Right when we meet you should place an envelope on a table in my sight. As soon as business is handled I can relax, and we can move on the fun stuff.
  4. Don’t be disrespectful unless I tell you to be like that. If I feel like I have been insulted, I will end our time together. No refunds.
  5. All Subs MUST sign a contract. This is mandatory.
  6. If we are meeting in person, please be clean. I shouldn’t have to address this but I guess I do. Take a shower, brush your teeth. Don’t be gross or I’ll leave.
  7. If your camera doesnt work, we will work on it for a min, but I cant keep spending time on your electronic issues, I have plenty of my own. Computers make me crazy.
  8. I love getting presents from you. I totally don’t expect them so when it happens, I consider each gift very special. It sounds cheesy but just spending with me is a gift. I enjoy our time together.

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